JAK E-Cigarette 3-Tier Display 16mg 60ea
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JAK E-Cigarette 3-Tier Display 16mg 60ea

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Since 2012, JAK ECIG has produced quality e-cigarettes for people breaking away from the tar and odor of traditional cigarettes. JAK offer vape pens in an variety of flavors and styles designed to produce the taste, feel and overall satisfaction of a real cigarette.

The Classic Regular has that distinct tobacco taste.

JAK's unique technology delivers a real cigarette experience.

JAK Disposable e-cigarette's are the #1 selling disposable in retail stores. Try JAK disposables today for the taste and feel of a real cigarette without the guilt!

JAK Disposables deliver up to 800 puffs each, which is equal 4 traditional packs of cigarettes! 

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